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Turbo Mixer®

Turbo Mixer® has been designed and manufactured by KnightHawk, using Submerged Jet Mixing (SJM). This technology has proven itself to provide enough energy to thoroughly mix/blend various crude types as well as shear existing sludges found on the bottom of tanks to the point of eliminating all three conditions listed above. In addition to mixing crude tanks SJM is an excellent blending system for Crudes, Lube Oils, Clean Fuels, Carbon Black Oils, Asphalt blends, etc.

Advantages of KHI Turbo Mixer (Download Presentation)

KHI Turbo Mixer Application Case Study (Download Case Study)

  • Reduces electricity usage vs. multiple mechanical propeller mixers
  • Less moving parts than SJM competitors means longer service life
  • Vector thrust drive system more efficient than SJM competitors
  • Less frictional losses than SJM competitors due to unrestricted flow path
  • No maintenance required for duration of tank run length
  • Sludge is 95% recoverable hydrocarbons once suspended
  • Significantly reduces hazardous waste & associated disposal cost
  • Industry accepted non-intrusive tank cleaning method
  • Significantly reduces tank T/A time and cost

Submerged Rotary Jet Mixer

Testing the Turbo Mixer®

KnightHawk Industries Turbo Mixer® video demonstration - 4” nozzles operating at 5680 GPM @ 90 PSI with a cleaning range of ~160 feet.

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